Multi Engine Type Familiarisation

We are sure on all counts that we exceed the standard required to ensure you are trained to a safe, competent and professional standard. Unlike much of our competition, we do not take short cuts and for this we offer no apologies. 

Flight One regularly operates Partenavia, Baron 58, Cessna 310 and Piper Chieftain twin engine aircraft, and carries approvals for many more. Type familiarisation under a Part 61 Multi Engine Class Rating are available on many of these machines, with a few provisos.

We recommend the Partenavia as a platform for an initial Multi Engine Class Rating, with Baron familiarisation following thereafter as a real ‘job getter’. For many operators in the top end, Baron experience is a pre-requisite for acceptance into a role, or is required fairly shortly after an engagement by an employer. Given our time operating in the ‘real world’ of charter, we are well equipped to pass on a few hints and tips for managing this workhorse of the skies.

We do receive a lot of enquiry about our Chieftain, and whether we offer proficiency and familiarisation training. The answer is yes, but given the leap in capability and the demands of the aircraft, we do insist on a few “must haves” before we will begin training in this machine:

  • minimum 500 hours total flight experience, plus;
  • minimum 100 hours multi-engine experience, plus;
  • minimum 10 hours experience on Cessna 310 or Baron class aeroplane;
  • points 1 and 2 above are current experience;
  • a current need for the familiarisation time to fulfil an employment requirement (as opposed to “it would be handy to have”);
  • to satisfy the above point, the candidate supply a copy of their organization’s PA31 operating guidelines, such that they can be trained more appropriately for their expected role;
  • ground school dependent upon previous experience of things like turbo charging, hydraulic systems, complex fuel systems.

Please feel free to give us a call or pop in at any time to have a chat about your advanced training requirement. We would welcome the opportunity to share with your our training programs which will imbue you with industry credibility rather than just another line in the logbook.

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