Multi Engine Grounds Schools

It is unfortunate that many class ratings appear to be issued without the candidates having an intimate knowledge of the aircraft systems and nuances that can apply. The emphasis for many training organisations can be more focused on turning over dollars rather than delivering a genuine learning experience. This is yet another area that sets Flight One apart from the pack.

Our ground school for class ratings and refresher programs for proficiency checks are quite rigorous, and our candidates come away with an accurate working knowledge of their chosen machine, rather than a passing familiarity with the Flight Manual. Safety is no accident. It must be generated by the application of knowledge and the skilled use of learnt techniques.

Flight One’s multi-engine training approval holders are experienced real word aviators with significant time on each type we operate. Our instructors deliver practical briefings that cover:

  • type history
  • systems and performance
  • avionics
  • emergency procedures
  • commercial applications.

You are welcome to experience the difference.

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