Maybe it’s Time for a Change

Look at your current training provider and ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Have I achieved what I set out to accomplish and in the time frame promised or expected?
  • Have I had a stabilised and consistent training experience?
  • Can I pay for my training as I go, or is my school asking for significant upfront sums?
  • What is the reputation of the principals of my school? Are they trustworthy and customer focused?

If you answered “no” to all or any of the previous questions, then it could well be time to come in to Flight One to discuss the endless possibilities to get you back on target. Bring your logbook and we will provide you with accurate and realistic advice regarding your options for completing your flying training. The approach we take is that you are an individual, so you need to be treated like one.

Flight One operates and trains in the most common and commercially useful types of aeroplanes to ensure you are gaining time and experience in the right types of aircraft, readily equipped for both private and commercial uses. Our flight instructors are professionals coming from diverse backgrounds with a variety of experiences, and all have a passion for aviation.

Our track record indicates that we can deliver on our promise. A growing number of students have found the transition easy and straight forward. Flight One will take care of all required paperwork to ensure you can keep training.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you where we may be able to enhance your training experience and get that item ticked off!