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Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) have been around for some years but are now becoming more common in General Aviation. They have been defined as aircraft having a minimum of IFR-certified GNSS navigation system with moving map display and an integrated autopilot. Most will also include a full ‘glass cockpit’ including a multi-function display that shows weather, traffic and terrain graphics that requires pilots to interface more with the computers in order to safely aviate, navigate and communicate.

There are many resources on the web about these aircraft that are easily found in a search and the FAA and AOPA are good sources. The video Transitioning to Technologically Advanced Aircraft is also quite a good starting point. What these resources indicate is that further training is required before these aircraft types can be flown safely. Cirrus aircraft are at the forefront of this class and have always acknowledged the need for this training and have insisted on providing it to new owners.

It is being suggested that with the updating of the GA fleet and the increasing proliferation of TAA that an actual endorsement is required to fly these types of aircraft. The forward thinking here at Flight One has allowed us to become a premier training institution that caters for TAA training as well as the teaching challenges it brings. We teach TAA courses on Cirrus aircraft, which are the standard for this class, and have adapted our training methods to include both pre-course and post-course online support to make your transition to the class as smooth as possible. We tailor courses individually and use modern methods such as scenario based training and online learning to maximise your potential and cater for your current level of proficiency.

Flight One delivers a standardised syllabus that is competency based and will cater for every level of experience. The training will consist of briefings and ground school that can be conducted either in person or online as well as various flights. Briefings will cover use of the technology from basic through to advanced and will include sessions just sitting in the aircraft to get used to new formats. Flying will show you general handling and circuits as a standard but will also integrate the use of the systems during navigation, IFR techniques if you require, emergencies and failures, integration of all components and a competency based assessment.

Book an appointment with Adam Starr, our TAA specialist, so a course can be tailored for you and you can be on your way into the future of aviation. The rewards of flying these aircraft are immense and are readily expressed by any of the current pilots.

Learn to become “next generation” with Flight One. Contact us today and enjoy the new world Cirrus aircraft open up to you.

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