Cirrus Recurrent and Proficiency Training

The Flight One Cirrus Training Centre (CTC) offers an ongoing course that covers currency and proficiency. This is specifically a CTC inclusion and has many benefits to pilots if they are enrolled continuously and complete all requirements satisfactorily. These benefits include:
  • Currency and competency in all elements of flight.
  • An increased level of comfort as a pilot (this is particularly valued by the pilots who are not flying every week)
  • Satisfies the Cirrus recurrent training schedule and proficiency
  • Satisfies the requirements for Flight Reviews (including PIFR as required)
  • Insurance benefits as a result of participation are currently being negotiated holistically but have been negotiated already by individuals.
The basic program will include 2 flight days and 2 theory/simulator days per year.
In late February or early March there will be the first theory/sim day. This tends to suit most people asthis is cyclone season and the weather is usually challenging to fly in.
Late May or June will see a flying day that may progress into the evening as the weather at this time of year in conducive to night training and currency.
August/September will see the second theory/sim day.
November will be the second flight day. The weather at this time of year is just starting to build up again so this is a good opportunity to look at plan
ning for the weather as well as some flight experience before it gets too bad.
The program will be a rolling program over the course of two years and the actual sessions will be designed to not only cover the competencies required but to also incorporate current and topical learning from Cirrus, Cirrus Owners, and the greater aviation community.