Cirrus Aircraft Resource Library

Flying Cirrus is a joy. To get the best out of your experience, we encourage you to delve into the attached resources which cover flight operations, correct equipment care and maintenance and some very informative material about the avionics suite of your aircraft.

POH SR20 Cirrus Perspective

This is the POH suitable for VH-FOH and will be your reference. Please be aware that this is a generic manual used for training and is not kept updated.  The basic empty weight of VH-FOH is 1007.4kg, with an arm of 3581mm, and moment of 3607466. Also included for reference is the POH for the SR22 model.

Flight Operations Manual (FOM) Perspective  

This is an adjunct to the POH and offers great guidance on how to operate the aircraft in flight.  We will expect you to adhere to the contents of this as well as the POH.

Cirrus Perspective Cockpit Reference Guide

A guide to the avionics, describing the capabilities of this significant technology.

SR Series Workbook

This will need to be completed prior to your first lesson.

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