Flight Training Courses and Rates

It has been an unfortunate practice in the general aviation industry to assume that all students who walk through a flying school door are named Chuck Yeager. The fact of the matter is, we are not all naturals – for some it is plain hard work and applied diligence. During our induction process, we undertake to understand the level of flying experience you have, and will provide you with feedback after each flight to help you appreciate what you have achieved, and areas for potential improvement.

Our accompanying indicative course pricing document (REFER ATTACHED PDFs TO RIGHT OF PAGE) gives you a realistic idea of the investment you are making in your future. It is as all inclusive as it can be, excluding landing fees and other charges that are charged by the various airports you may visit during your training. Naturally, you also have a big part to play in the rate of progress you make against the minimum CASA requirements.’ Rest assured, our experienced team at Flight One will be working hard to ensure you both enjoy and benefit from every step you take.

What follows is a snapshot of the various licences that are available. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the content with you in more detail to match up our training package to your needs.

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

Under CASA’s Part 61 framework, the RPL represents the first level of Australian licencing. It comes with a couple of options, and some limitations. The first limitation is that it is not an internationally recognized licence. The second limitation is that you can only operate a single-engine aircraft and cannot operate an aircraft greater than 1500kg in maximum take-off weight (MTOW). Thirdly, if you only obtain a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate (rather than a Class 1 or 2 Medical), you can carry only one passenger. For more information on Medical categories, please visit our information page entitled “Aviation Medicals”.

RPL Lite

The minimum requirement for the basic RPL, what we call RPL Lite, is 25 hours of flight training. This includes 20 hours of dual flight, and 5 hours solo. Please note that these are a minimum standard in terms of hour requirements, and the actual competencies need to be demonstrated before proceeding to a Flight Test. If your training is conducted with Flight One from our Archerfield base, we will automatically include the Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement in your approvals. From this level of licence upwards, you can add design feature endorsements like retractable undercarriage, constant speed unit and the like (as long you don’t exceed the MTOW limitation).

RPL Plus+

This upgrade to your basic RPL really lets you stretch your wings! You can expect training in how to effectively navigate through all classes of airspace during the program which will generally include 6 hours of dual training and 5 hours of solo flight. When the competencies have been achieved, Flight One will issue you with both a Navigation Endorsement and a Controlled Airspace Endorsement (not to be confused with the Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement obtained with the RPL Lite).

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

The PPL is an internationally recognized licence that serves as the gateway to more advanced training and aircraft. With a PPL, you may operate any single or multi-engine aircraft (with appropriate Class Rating) up to 5700kg MTOW. The total time required is 40 hours of flight experience as a minimum, and involves training in the use of GPS for en route Navigation.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

With a little over 200 hours experience (which will likely include an Instrument Rating), you will find yourself job ready. Our program of commercial tuition teaches not only proficient flying, but also how to be a part of a safe working culture – something that continues to set Flight One apart from much of our competition. Our Safety First, Safety Always philosophy will encourage you to reach your career potential and make command decisions that will place you head and shoulders above candidates who may have paid less, but will have learned less.

Flight Instructor Rating

To obtain a flight crew licence, rating or endorsement, pilots are required to complete training delivered by a suitably qualified instructor. The role of Flight Instructor is critical to ensuring safe and reliable flight operations in Australia and is therefore regulated by CASA. The Flight Instructor Rating is the CASA rating required to deliver training as a Flight Instructor.

Delivered over an intensive 12 weeks at our Archerfield training base, the Flight One Flight Instructor course will challenge you to be your best. You will hone your skills, increase your knowledge and create greater career security – all while building valuable flight hours.

For those who love teaching and working in a team, Flight Instructing offers a rewarding, enjoyable career – one that carries great responsibility and can last a lifetime.

Other Courses, Ratings and Endorsements

The above guide to the core programs offered by Flight One can be broadened by the addition of a range of operating approvals. This includes Instrument Ratings, Class Ratings, Design Feature Endorsements and other specialised activities like Aerobatic elements. To talk about what best suits you, please touch base with us or complete the Contact Form below.

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