Flight Simulator / Synthetic Trainer

Looking for IFR recency? Got a renewal coming up and need flight simulator time? Why not talk to the Flight One team about our CASA approved Cat B Synthetic Trainer based at Archerfield Airport? Using the latest Elite software, our Flight Simulator (more correctly called a Synthetic Trainer) includes Garmin 430 avionics and a range of aircraft – both multi and single engine.

The approval we operate with includes the following instrument rating credits:

Initial Issue:

  • 20 Hours instrument time.
  • 15 hours cross country time.
  • DME/GPS arrival procedure.


  • two hours (of the three) instrument time requirements in 90 days.
  • NDB, VOR, ILS, LLZ, DME/GPS arrival, RNAV/(GNSS)
  • one hour instrument time in 90 days for single pilot recent experience requirements.



Our comfortable, quiet surrounds are ideal for spending quality time in simulated IMC. Our qualified instructors carry MECIR themselves, and would be only too happy to lend a hand.

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