CASA Online Exams

Flight One is an approved CASA Online Exam provider for PPL, PIFR and PAOS exams.

We are happy to accommodate these exams Monday to Sunday by appointment. Please feel free to book your exam with our Operations Co-ordinator on 1800 FLY ONE or complete a request through the Contact Form below.

The attached PDF document captures the Terms and Conditions for taking the exam. Please print off a copy and bring it with you on the day of the exam.

The following link takes you through to the CASA website page that relates to testing under the flight training Manual of Standards. Please visit the site to print off the “Training & Examination Workbook”. (Please note, this document will be checked prior to the exam and no notations or markings are permitted on the document).

If you would prefer not to print your own Workbook, please note that a $10 handling fee will be added to your exam fee to cover the costs of printing the Workbook for you.

An additional levy of $20 is payable for the use of Flight One’s reference materials during the test, to cover the wear and tear applicable to student use. We strongly encourage you to invest in your own set of Regulations, the VFG, AIP, ERSA and other approved materials (which, as with the Workbook above, will be checked prior to sitting the exam). Please refer to the second attachment on the right for details of permitted materials.

All fees are payable prior to commencement of the examination.

We look forward to providing you with a flexible alternative for your CASA Online Exam requirements!