Our Aircraft

Our pilots hold endorsements on a very wide range of aircraft, enabling us to meet a broad range of mission parameters.

While we are in a position to source an array of aircraft to meet your charter (and training) requirements, for primary operations out of Archerfield, we rely on a number of proven performers.

King Air B200

The well known versatility of the King Air B200 is available in a variety of applications where speed matters! The King Air has joined Flight One’s aircraft line up and will be a real option for business travellers in her executive format or higher capacity crew transfers in her 12 seat configuration. If you are serious about making an informed choice about your business travel, you need to be talking to us about the King Air today.

Beechcraft Baron 58

This six seat twin engine aircraft delivers the speed and additional safety required by many employers looking to deliver staff and materials into difficult to access places in most weather conditions or at night for those more urgent jobs. It was designed to provide an excellent lift capacity, and is well suited to reaching the more out of the way places that the regular services have forgotten, or those destinations that you have always wanted to visit on your own terms.

Piper Seneca

This twin piston light aircraft will seat up to five passengers and is a very capable, easy to fly aircraft.  Piper developed the Seneca as a multirole, low maintenance and aerodynamically efficient twin capable of performing a number of utility roles. Its low speed capability and solid feel has made it an ideal initial-multi endorsement platform and an enjoyable instrument rating tool.

Cirrus SR22

The Generation 5 Cirrus is the most advanced Cirrus ever built. With its Perspective intergrated avionics suite and enviable safety features, this aircraft is the dream-machine! It is available for private hire to approved users, and for advanced training with our CSIP (Cirrus Approved) Instructor at competitive rates.

Cirrus SR20

Our modern Cirrus SR20 is the consummate executive trainer. With all the comforts of leather and the appeal of a G1000 Perspective glass cockpit, this machine is for the discerning aviator who is looking for something a little special in their logbook. Fly Cirrus today!

Cessna 182

A favourite for many aviators, and a well known sight in the skies above Australia. Our 182 is a very nice example of the type, with an easy to use partial glass avionics suite and about one of the silkiest engines you will find attached to a Cessna. Ideal for private hire for longer-than-is-good-to-drive weekends away. Get out and explore!

Cessna 172 

This versatile model is the preferred hour builder for many pilots; a confidence booster and all round great performer. It is available for training and private hire. The all up hourly rates for these models are set to ensure you have a value for money experience in well presented and very comfortable machines that are quite simply a pleasure to fly.

Cessna 162

The Skycatcher is a nimble two seat trainer with glass equipped cockpit, capable of taking beginners through to their own RPL or PPL. It’s also a great conversion platform for those pilots wanting an inexpensive way of transitioning from a RAAus pilot certificate to a CASA licence. The 162 is also an ideal hours building machine for CPL candidates to build their command time in safety and with real economy.

All photos are indicative only. To speak to one of our professional staff about your charter or training requirements, please contact us via the web form below.