Specialised Services

Fire & Rescue Support

Bushfire can be one of the most devastating forces in nature. Our fire-fighters are indeed a special group of people who put their all into protecting life and property, and Flight One salutes their skill, vigilance and determination. In conjunction with Aerial Fire Response Australia, we have committed to supporting the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service and the NSW Rural Fire Service with fixed wing and rotary resources based at Archerfield and staged from Coffs Harbour. Our well trained team provides transport solutions, fire front mapping, air attack co-ordination and heli-borne water bombing capability. Using “Birdog” and “Helitak” tactical call signs, our fleet of aircraft are on call to assist with fire, flood and a wide range of other community support tasks.

Marine Survey

Flight One has assisted one of Queensland’s leading universities to complete a significant survey of the fragile Dugong population along the Queensland Coast at low altitudes using specialised equipment. This has added to our skill set already established in water course survey and maritime surveillance. We take pride in operating to the highest safety standards while delivering a practical solution to the short term remote area aviation requirements of our clients.

Aerial Photography

With the growth in the south east Queensland population, and the spread of urban development, there is often a need for current photographic information for use by town planners, developers, marketing agencies and the general public. Flight One operates a range of high wing aircraft that are ideal for a suite of photographic platform applications. Our team of pilots are used to managing the requirements of photographers aiming to get just the right shot to satisfy their client requirements. Contact us for a quote on your next photo recon mission.