Thought Leadership in Safety

Safety is of paramount importance to Flight One. We take pride in our safety culture – a way of working that reflects respect for ourselves, our colleagues, clients and indeed a healthy reverence for the aerospace in which we work.

The Australian Standards guide defines safety as “a state in which the risk of harm (to persons) or damage is limited to an acceptable level”. Our desire is to remove as many of the risks as possible through sound safety management practices and proactive thought leadership by our team at all levels of the organisation. Our values include a duty of care to each person who travels with us, and our team maintains competency training to look after each client like they were our own family.

We also seek regular feedback from our students and clients in the interests of awareness and enhanced reach. We invite confidential notification of hazards and incidents via our email address, or in person to the Chief Executive Officer at our Archerfield office. We’d rather you report it promptly than the alternative.