Industry Participation

Flight One is a proud member of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA), a not-for-profit organization aiming to protect, represent, and promote the interests of regional airline and regional aviation members all over Australia. The RAAA works with government, regulatory authorities, and the community to ensure that the aviation industry remains safe and viable.

As a member of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia, Flight One is able to access services not available to other businesses, such as formal and informal forums for professional development and information sharing. Due to the RAAA’s input into government and regulatory authority policy processes and formulations, Flight One and other RAAA members are able to have input into policies and decisions which affect our business and the wider Australian community.

Representation of the general aviation community in the public arena is necessary to ensure that both communities are considering the needs of the other. The Regional Aviation Association of Australia provides industry representation within the wider community to maintain solid working relationships with key members of the public, and promote recognition of the valuable role of aviation in regional and remote areas of Australia.