Client Service Charter

At Flight One, our approach to the delivery of exceptional customer service is built around the CATS model. As such, we will always endeavor to be:

Client Focused

More than just a catch phrase, we understand that our business is built on the satisfied smiles of our clients and students. Our starting point is what we call “The Rule”. It is never the traveler or student’s responsibility to know anything about charter travel or CASA curriculums – ever. This thinking puts the onus on us to deliver you a seamless service where we carry the obligation to achieve a desirable outcome. You concentrate on the reason for your travel or the quality of your study, and let us take care of the rest.


At Flight One, it is all about “we, us & I”. We don’t play the “they, them, you” blame game. We exist to provide a service, and our belief is that our customer is the one who ultimately dictates the future viability of our business. With that in mind, within the boundaries of operational safety and statutory requirements, we will always do what we can to ensure that what we commit to, we deliver.

Furthermore, our accountability to the regulatory authorities is something we take most seriously. We will diligently adhere to the standards set by them to ensure you both a safe and comfortable journey and a quality learning experience.

Team Oriented

The history of the general aviation industry is not replete with stellar examples of staff engagement and development. At Flight One, we’d like to change that. Our commitment to our staff includes a rewarding remuneration structure that was designed to attract the best candidates who can both work with your business to develop effective transport solutions, and satisfy the enquiring mind of the avid student. The Directors have a passion to overlay a customer focused, commercially sound operating environment that encourages initiative, engagement and delivers job satisfaction. A well rounded team of ambassadors is one way we look to ensure your ongoing patronage.

Success Driven

Our ultimate success is achieved by realising our vision – to be the general aviation services provider of first choice for both our commuting clients and our students. We won’t be happy with ourselves until we have delivered world class performance. We will recognise and celebrate your success as you achieve your milestone goals in business and in learning, and invite you to be a stakeholder in our success by providing us with regular feedback, notes for improvement and positive publicity where we have delivered an exceptional result.