Acknowledgment of Country

Flight One wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate today. The Jagara people oversaw the management of this Country from the bayside areas of Cleveland through to the western Brisbane Valley. The Maiwar, known today as the Brisbane river, watered the region; which until the arrival of migrant settlers, was well timbered although pocketed with swamps and boglands. The Jagara people enjoyed a high degree of mobility, as testified by the fact that many of the paths that connected Dreamtime sites became the foundations of road infrastructure for later European settlement. These pathways also connected the Jagara with neighbouring tribes, like the Wakka to the west. Such connectivity facilitated trade and cultural exchange, along with diplomatic engagements like the triennial Bunya feast which reinforced familial connections across traditional borders. As we enjoy expanded aerial mobility across these lands, we pay our respects to the Jagara Elders past, present and emerging.